EZFP's potential, my feelings on it.

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EZFP's potential, my feelings on it.

Postby clevnumb » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:10 am

I see great great potential in this program. Not only for me (as an 'uber collector and anal organizer of media, some would say obsessive, but I think it's fun...) but for most other users to simplify and enable powerful searching and finding the relevant files. (of course I'm referring to the upcoming tagging redesign that is currently progress...)

I think EZFP in this respect will be new and improved over every other solution when it just comes to lightening quick media consumption. While I am also an avid Adobe Lightroom user, and will continue to use it, it will be for reasons not conflicting with EZFP.. I've found Lightrooms abilities in media acquisition (once all tags are set on a collection/image) is limited in regard to searching (and not very intuitive in my opinion.)

Lightroom does two things very powerfully, and they are things I don't see as a threat/competition to EZFP, hence I'll keep using Lightroom for these reasons.

1.) Fast photo (and non-destructive even) EDITING (something I rarely do, so I could care less about this, as I have Photoshop if I want to REALLY edit something....)
* 2.) tagging/keyword building onto newly imported not-yet-tagged images (I will continue to do this process in Lightroom initially as their wizard to do so is very impressive and capable, at least at the moment, and don't mind if EZFP ever replaces this function) I can rely on EZFP's capable import process to facilitate getting the files properly integrated in the search part of EZFP after the initial tagging is done.

But the area that EZFP shines (for me and everyone) is actually finding the media and filtering out specifically what you want to come up and not come up....that's where it strengths really are I think, and in this huge market of video/photo apps, the interface it has (will have?) is going to be way faster and usable than even than Lightroom in my opinion (minus the two points above, or at least point #1)

I have a some advanced ideas concerning the movie side (tagging and searching) but I will save that for later in it's development life, if you are interested Admineazymojo.

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