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Postby oriental105 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:58 am


Would you please give answers to my questions below?

1. What will be included to the database backup?

My main concerns are as followed.

- tags assigned to all folders, sub-folders and all videos
- all tag categories manually created
- thumbnail manually added over folders, tags (cast, etc.) and videos
- once the database is backed up, Do I need to keep the original source of thumbnails? (scattered around folders such as desktop, other folders, url) or it will be automatically embedded to the SDF file?

2. What is "Backup custom images" for?


- So if my understanding correct, we need to check "backup custom images" option (not shown in the picture above but available in newer version) before clicking backup database to embed all images into SDF file, right? I've noticed the file size will apparently be increased once the button/option is clicked.

- The backup custom images option will go to SDF file or cache folder? I mean, I just want to be sure if it's OK just to focus on backing up SDF file.

3. Will custom images automatically restored once "Database" is restored?

I've once restored the SDF file. The thumbnails of folders and videos appeared but not on tags. (cast, etc.) I needed to go to database manager and click "Restore custom images" just to make thumbnails for tags come back.

4. Backup custom images option make "to-be-backup database" bigger but make "current database" smaller? SEEMS WEIRD?

Let me explain this way.

Timeline 1: Most current SDF file is TEST.sdf (100 MB)

Timeline 2: Check backup custom images option and click "backup database"
Another SDF file created with larger size. TEST_datetime.sdf (100+MB)
But Apparently, the TEST.sdf file size was reduced?!?!

This is weird. not sure because all images are backed up to new SDF file or not. or the backup process was corrupted.

Thank you in advance.

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