Lost casting information after renaming tag category

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Lost casting information after renaming tag category

Postby spamdapope » Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:48 pm

This was on 4.8.2 (no change after updating to 4.8.4)

I renamed my 'actresses' category and now all the metada (excep the photos) is missing. If I rightclick on the portrait of an actress the biography section is empty :? and I get automatically prompted for a download for cast info.

Is there a way to regenerate this information? Doing it manually is too much work given the sheer amount of tags.

As a general question is there a way of easing the tagging of multiple such cast profiles (or movie details for that matter) ? Something like a batch routine where it automatically tags (if exact match) and/or promps the user for each (if multiple hits). Also, is there a way to get all of this metada injected into to (custom) properties? (like Nationality etc that already are in place).


I'm not sure if this is pertinent to the question but I also get an error when clicking on the 'Video' tab under the profile of the actress (see attachment). The errorlog only repeats, verbatim, what the screenshot states.

Finally a couple of minor points. If the same tag is listed more than once in different categories (in my case the same person was listed both as an actress and an adult actress) the 'download movie info' is unable to differentiate between them (picks first match I assume) and adding her manually using the '+'-button does not give me the option of differentiating between them.

Actor/actresses with (for instance) an apostophe in their name get's translated to ' (html) in the cast-info search box. If correcting that manually the profile downloads but the image won't show.
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