Media Player Keyboard/Mouse Hotkey Issues

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Media Player Keyboard/Mouse Hotkey Issues

Postby Allanon » Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:09 am

1. When pausing a video and using any of the following hotkey commands: "Small jump backward/forward", "Large jump backward/forward", "Rewind/Fast forward", the video is resumes playing. Expected was staying in the mode the video is in when a hotkey is pressed. This behavior has changed since version 4.59 (I guess) up.

2. Sooner or later using EasyFlixPix the video hotkeys simply stop working anymore. Even a mouse-click on the video won't pause/unpause anymore. The only way to resolve this is to restart EasyFlixPix. This problem is around for some months (version 4.56/4.59).

Thanks for all the efforts!

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