Videos Organize your entire video collection

Organize, tag, search and view all your videos. Easily configure and generate custom thumbnails. Tagging allows you to filter and quickly search all of your media. Import tags, keywords, etc from video metadata. Use the fully integrated EazyFlixPix Media Player or any 3rd-party video player to view videos, playlists and video clips.

Images Organize your entire image collection

Organize and easily create searchable categories for all of your images. View images by tags, categories, or any custom filters you choose. Create and save slideshows.

Live TV Stream live tv feeds

Stream publicly available live television feeds using the EazyFlixPix Media Player. (full channel listing)

Tagging Powerful tagging functionality

Assign tags to all your videos and images so they're easily searchable. Add tags to categories and folders. Automatically import keywords and tags from file metadata. Parse filenames into tags. Create tag categories and tag presets.

EazyFlixPix Media Player Watch your videos, create clips, view playlists

Fully integrated EazyFlixPix Media Player allows you to create bookmarks of favorite scenes. Create video clips and add them to playlists.

Also works with any 3rd-party media player including Media Player Classic, VLC, SMPlayer etc.

Customizable Fully customizable display options

Easy customization allows you to create new color themes and change the display settings to view your media however you choose.